Corrections to Chapter 16 of The XML Bible, CSS Text Styles

p. 435: In the last paragraph, the aspect value is the ratio of x-height to font-size, not the ratio of font-size to x-height. The book has it backwards. In the second to last line of that paragraph, x-height should not be monospaced. It is not a CSS property.

p. 441: In the first paragraph of the letter-spacing property section, change "lets you to expand" to "lets you expand".

p. 449: In Listing 16-4, the vertical-align property on the SCENE_NUMBER should have the value sub instead of subscript. That is, it should read:

SCENE_NUMBER { vertical-align: sub}

p. 450: The fourth verse of the poem is duplicated. That is,

<VERSE>    No workman's tool hath touched the same.</VERSE>

should only appear once, not twice. The same problem occurs in the screen shot on p. 451. This doesn't affect the correctness of the XML or CSS, just screws up the meter of the poem.

p. 475: In the last line of the last paragraph, change "from to the current angle" to "from the current angle".

p. 478: At the beginning of the second paragraph, change "The value and effect of this attribute" to "This attribute".

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