Corrections to Chapter 3 of XML in a Nutshell, Document Type Definitions

p. 30: In Example 3-3 an extra question mark moved into the XML declaration. Change,

<?xml version="1.0"? standalone="no"?>


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

p. 35: The list in the middle of the page is incorrect. It should read:

p. 36: At the bottom of the page, change

<!ELEMENT circle (center, (radius | diameter))>


<!ELEMENT circle (point, (radius | diameter))>

p. 37: In the last code fragment on the page, <!element should be capitalized as <!ELEMENT.

p. 41: In the NMTOKENS section,

<!ATTLIST performance dates NMTOKENS #REQUIRED>


<!ATTLIST performances dates NMTOKENS #REQUIRED>

performance is now plural.

p. 43: In the each of the last two text paragraphs on the page, "the project_id attribute of the person element" should be "the project_id attribute of the assignment element". Note that this error is repeated twice.

p. 45: In the first paragraph, "a presentation element" should be "a slide_show element".

p. 49: In the second to last paragraph, "identifies notation" should be "identifies a notation".

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Copyright 2001 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified November 11, 2001