Corrections to Chapter 5 of XML in a Nutshell, Internationalization

p. 71: In the second text paragraph, "tet declarations" should be "text declarations"

p. 71: In the fourth text paragraph, "UF-16 and UTF-8 encodings or Unicode" should read "UTF-16 and UTF-8 encodings of Unicode".

p. 79: The nu should be the last letter of the second word rather than the first letter of the third word. That is, it should read


In English transliteration "sophos eauton gignoskei" instead of sophos eauto ngignoskei"

p. 79: The end tag is missing a slash in the second code fragment on the page. That is, you should see, (though not all browsers can handle this HTML):


In English transliteration, the second <logos> should be </logos>

p. 82: In the first code fragment, "le fin de semaine" should be "la fin de semaine"; i.e. change "le" to "la"

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Copyright 2001 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified November 11, 2001