This entire book is being written in XML from start to finish. The specific XML application used is DocBook 4.2.0. XML Catalogs are used to locate the DTD. I use the jEdit text editor on Windows and Linux to write. XInclude is used to merge the individual chapters and examples together via my very own XInclude engine for SAX. Michael Kay's SAXON XSLT processor and Norm Walsh’s XSL stylesheets for Docbook 1.52.2 produce the HTML and XSL-FO output. I use FOP 0.20.4 to convert the XSL-FO files to PDFs. The DocBook source files were pulled into Adobe FrameMaker to layout the printed book.

Copyright 2001, 2002 Elliotte Rusty Haroldelharo@metalab.unc.eduLast Modified March 09, 2003
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