XML News from Thursday, January 15, 2009

The W3C CSS Working Group has published a new Candidate Recommendation of CSS Mobile Profile 2.0.:

This specification defines in general a subset of CSS 2.1 [CSS21] that is to be considered a baseline for interoperability between implementations of CSS on constrained devices (e.g. mobile phones). Its intent is not to produce a profile of CSS incompatible with the complete specification, but rather to ensure that implementations that due to platform limitations cannot support the entire specification implement a common subset that is interoperable not only amongst constrained implementations but also with complete ones. Additionally, this specification aligns itself as much as possible with the OMA Wireless CSS 1.1 [WCSS11] specification. At the same time, OMA is doing alignment work in OMA Wireless CSS 1.2 [WCSS12]. It is aimed at aligning the mandatory compliance items between CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 and OMA Wireless CSS 1.2 [WCSS12].


In order to exit the Candidate Recommendation phase, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. At least two implementations of all the required features of this specification.
  2. A minimum of six months of the CR period must be elapsed to ensure that enough time is given for providing implementation feedback.

The marquee-* and overflow-style properties are at risk.

A test suite for this specification will be created during the CR period. Detailed implementation requirements and the invitation for participation in the implementation report will be provided in the preliminary implementation report. Implementers are encouraged to provide feedback by 1 February 2009.