XML News from Friday, January 30, 2009

The W3C has published XML Base (Second Edition). Changes since the first edition include:

  1. The published errata (see http://www.w3.org/2001/06/xmlbase-errata) have been incorporated;

  2. The definition of URI reference has been switched from RFC2396 to 3986;

  3. The xml:base attribute has been redescribed as a Legacy Extended IRI, but this does not change its syntax (the December 2006 PER used the term "XML Resource Identifier" which was to be defined in an XLink revision, but that plan has been superseded by the definition of LEIRI in the W3C Note);

  4. Implementations are now encouraged to return base “URIs” without escaping non-URI characters;

  5. The meanings of xml:base="" and xml:base="#frag" have been clarified;

  6. The expected reference to XML Base in the forthcoming XML Media Types RFC (“son of 3023”) has been noted;

  7. It has been clarified that normal validity rules apply to the xml:base attribute;

  8. The out-of-date appendix describing effects on other standards has been removed;

  9. Various minor editorial changes have been made.