XML News from Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The W3C XML Security Working Group has posted the first public working draft of Canonical XML Version 2.0. "Canonical XML Version 2.0 is a major rewrite of Canonical XML Version 1.1 to address issues around performance, streaming, hardware implementation, robustness, minimizing attack surface, determining what is signed and more. It also incorporates an update to Exclusive Canonicalization, effectively a 2.0 version, as well." Version 2.0 uses "a very limited form of the generic XPath Nodeset that was the input model for Canonical XML 1.x. It is designed to be simple and allow a high performance algorithm, while still allowing the essential use cases." Furtermore, "Instead of separate algorithms for each variant of canonicalization, this specification goes with the approach of a single algorithm, which does slightly different things depending on the parameters" such as trimTextNodes and ignoreComments.