Descriptions of the Remote Resource

A link element may contain optional xlink:role and xlink:title attributes that describe the remote resource, that is, the document or other resource to which the link points. The role is for machine processors like web spiders. The title is for humans. For example:

 xlink:title="Elliotte Rusty Harold's personal home page" 
 xlink:role="information about the author of this book">
   Elliotte Rusty Harold

As with all other attributes, the xlink:title and xlink:role attributes should be declared in the DTD for all the elements to which they belong. For example, this is a reasonable declaration for the above AUTHOR element:

  xmlns:xlink CDATA #FIXED ""
  xlink:type  CDATA #FIXED "simple"
  xlink:href  CDATA #REQUIRED
  xlink:title CDATA #IMPLIED
  xlink:role  CDATA #IMPLIED

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