Small chamber ensembles - 2-4 Players by New York Women Composers

Beth Anderson

1. Dr. Blood's Mermaid Lullaby

2. Little Trio

3. Trio: Dream in D

Rhapsodic. Passionate. Available on CD Two by Three from North/South Consonance (1998).

Linda Bouchard

1. Propos II

Arrangement from Propos

2. Rictus En Mirroir

Julie Mandel

1. Invention for Flute and Piano

3 movements

2. Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp

Premiered at Queens College in April, 1996 by Sue Ann Kahn, Christine Ims, and Susan Jolles. In 3 movements :

Margaret De Wys

1. Charmonium

Commissioned as quartet for the Meridian String Quartet. Sonorous, bold. Moderate difficulty. Tape available.

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