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  <title>Mokka mit Schlag</title>
  <description>Ranting and Raving</description>
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    <title>To Blog or Not To Blog</title>
	<description>  Cafe au Lait dates back to 1995. I know I&#8217;m not
	the first blogger. Ric Ford&#8217;s Macintouch precedes me, and
	probably others do as well. However, I was there quite early on, I
	think before the word &#8220;blog&#8221; was coined. Truth is
	I&#8217;ve never even really thought of Cafe au ...</description>
    <title>Birds on Rails, Part 2</title>
	<description>  Rails seems to be installed and working (Finally.
	That took almost a full day.) so let&#8217;s see if we can build
	some real pages. The first thing I need is something simple. I want
	to iterate through the sites table in the database and print each
	name in the site ...</description>
    <title>Birding Geneva, Part 1</title>
	<description>  Beth and I arrived in Geneva late Tuesday night on
	the Cisalpino. Wednesday we took a day trip to Lausanne. We climbed
	the Escaliers du Marché to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, stopping along
	the way to look at a few Carrion Crows in a local park. Then we took
	the subway ...</description>
    <title>Generic JUnit Tests</title>
	<description>  Lately I&#8217;ve been thinking about a generic JUnit
	test suite that could be run against any Java program. These
	wouldn&#8217;t be real unit tests but they might be useful as sort
	of static application analysis. So far I have three ideas: 1. A test
	that runs all Ant targets and verifies ...</description>
    <title>More CSS Layout Madness</title>
	<description>  I remain convinced that the whole CSS layout mess was
	poorly thought out, poorly designed, and poorly explained. Yes,
	it&#8217;s hobbled by poor implementations too; but can you really
	blame the poor implementers when the spec writers could never
	explain exactly what they meant? Proof of this is just how

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