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  Small chamber ensembles - 2-4 Pl by New York Women Composers

    Compositions by the members of New York Women Composers
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    women composers
    New York

  July 28, 1999
  1999 New York Women Composers
    Elliotte Rusty Harold

  <h3>Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp</h3>


  <h3>Invention for Flute and Piano</h3>

  <h3>Little Trio</h3>

  <h3>Dr. Blood's Mermaid Lullaby</h3>

  <h3>Trio: Dream in D</h3>

  <h3>Lullaby Of The Eighth Ancestor</h3>

  <h3>Possible Nudity</h3>

  <h3>Propos Ii</h3>

  <h3>Rictus En Mirroir</h3>

  <h3>Ghost Ranch</h3>

  <h3>Piece For Three Violins And Percusssion</h3>


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