Post beta 4 all the PrintWriters are changed to simple Writers and the protected methods all throw IOException

package org.jdom.output;

public class XMLOutputter {

  public XMLOutputter() {}
  public XMLOutputter(String indent) {}
  public XMLOutputter(String indent, boolean newlines) {}
  public XMLOutputter(String indent, boolean newlines, String encoding) {}

  // Basic output methods
  public void output(Document doc, OutputStream out, String encoding) throws IOException {}
  public void output(Document doc, OutputStream out) throws IOException {}

  // Methods for subclasses to call
  protected void indent(PrintWriter out, int level) {}
  protected void maybePrintln(PrintWriter out) {}
  // Methods for subclasses to override
  protected void printDeclaration(Document doc, PrintWriter out) {}
  protected void printDocType(DocType docType, PrintWriter out) {}
  protected void printProcessingInstructions(List pis, PrintWriter out) {}
  protected void printElement(Element element, PrintWriter out, int indentLevel) {}
  protected void printNamespace(Namespace ns, PrintWriter out) {}
  protected void printAttributes(List attributes, PrintWriter out) {}

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Copyright 2000 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified June 20, 2000