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    <title>Cafes Audio</title>
    <itunes:author>Elliotte Rusty Harold</itunes:author>
    <description>Java, XML, and Related Subjects</description>
    <itunes:subtitle>Ranting and Raving</itunes:subtitle>
    <itunes:summary>Conference sessions and University classes on the subject of Java and XML</itunes:summary>
    <copyright>Elliotte Rusty Harold</copyright>
      <itunes:name>Elliotte Rusty Harold</itunes:name>
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      <title>Cafes Audio</title>
    <itunes:category text="Information Technology" />
    <itunes:keywords>Java, XML, Birds</itunes:keywords>
      <title>RSS, ATOM, APP, and All That</title>
      <itunes:author>Elliotte Rusty Harold</itunes:author>
      <description>Which way leads out of the forest of Liars &amp; Truth-tellers</description>
      <itunes:subtitle>Which way leads out of the forest of Liars &amp; Truth-tellers</itunes:subtitle>
      <itunes:summary>XML based syndication is moving from its foundations in weblogs to unexpected arenas: source code control systems, audio narrowcasts, e-mail, bug tracking, stock tickers, and more. News readers like Vienna, NetNewsWire, RSSOwl, and Newsgator are replacing classic web browsers for many uses. This session explores the fundamental technologies underlying this explosion of content: the various versions of RSS, OPML, Atom, and the Atom Publishing Protocol. Learn the tricks and techniques for integrating these XML applications into your products as both clients and serve</itunes:summary>
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      <pubDate>Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:30:40 -0500</pubDate>
      <category>Information Technology</category>
      <itunes:keywords>RSS, Atom, APP, OPML, XML</itunes:keywords>


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