Small chamber ensembles - 2-4 Pl by New York Women Composers

Beth Anderson

Belgian Tango (duo version) (2000) 3'22", pn, vln
First performed by Mary Rowell and Denman Maroney and recorded by the Belgian radio March, 2000.

Brass Swale (1988) 5", tbn, 2 Bfl tpts, bar. hn
Tonal. Commissioned/Premiered by the Redlands' New Music Ensemble. (A swale is a meadow or a marsh where a lot of wild plants grow together. The composer discovered the word when a horse named Swale won the Kentucky Derby several years ago. Since her work is primarily collage of newly composed musical swatches, she has used the name extensively.) ACA - American Composers Alliance

Dr. Blood's Mermaid Lullaby (1980) 3', fl or ob, or vn, or vc, pn

Ghent Swale (1999) 6'20", pn, vln
First performed at De Rode Pomp in Ghent, Belgium, September 1999 and recorded by the Belgian radio March 2000.

Guitar Swale (1993) 6', 2 guit
Commissioned/premiered by the University of the Redlands New Music Ensemble for two acoustic guitars. Combines oriental scales with Satie-like lyricism. ACA - American Composers Alliance

January Swale (1995) 5', 2 vln, vla, vc
First performed by the Clearwater String Quartet. This is a swale that includes a lot of partying framed by a theme going forwards at the beginning and backwards near the end, a Janus. Because it was written with cellist Carol Buck and her children, there is a small children's theme just after the introduction which runs in and out later on in the piece. An aeolian alleluia interupts and returns later a half-step down. It ends with a feeling of a "starry night" at the original tonal center.

Little Trio (1984) 4', fl, guit, va. ACA

Lullaby Of The Eighth Ancestor (1979) 3', fl or vn, pn. EMI

Pennyroyal Swale (1985) 8', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered by the Soldier String Quartet; "genteel, modesty - full of drones and melodies from our English past." - The New York Times 10/23/85. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Rosemary Swale (1986) 6', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered Soldier String Quartet; "most compelling music...directness...stubborn simplicity...melting, softening that carries us from the pastoral into the city...sweetness." - Ear Magazine 3/90. ACA - American Composers Alliance

She Wrote (1974) 7'25", v, 2 vn, tape
M.A. thesis: Mills College. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Tales #1 (2000) 3', pn, vln
First performed by Mary Rowell and Denman Maroney and recorded by the Belgian radio March, 2000.

Tales #2 (2000) 2', pn, vln
First performed by Mary Rowell and Denman Maroney and recorded by the Belgian radio March, 2000.

Tales #3 (2000) 1'40", pn, vln
First performed by Mary Rowell and Denman Maroney and recorded by the Belgian radio March, 2000.

The Eighth Ancestor (1979) 14', fl, pn, vln, vc; or baroq. fl, Arec, hp, vc
performed ISCM World Music Days, Brussells. EMI

The Preying Mantis And The Bluebird (1979) 4', fl, or vn, hp or pn
E. M. I.

They Did It (1976) 10', pn & tape
Premiered The Kitchen, NYC; "...a text describing a wedding is delivered on tape, while the piano plays a musical decoding of it."' - The Village Voice 3/22/77. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Trio: Dream in D (1980) 10', fl, pn, vc, or vn, pn, vc.
Rhapsodic. Passionate. Available on CD "Two by Three" from North/South Consonance (1998).

Valid For Life (1973) 15', perc, 2 pn; or 2 lrg. strung things
Graphic score. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Dorothea Austin

Analogy For Viola, Cello And Piano 12', pn, vla, vc
Premiered Queensborough Community College, 1987; Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, 1987.

Metamorphosis For Cello And Piano 11', pn, vc
Premiered Queensborough Community College, 1987, Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, 1987 and 1989.

Passages (1989) 11'5", fl, pn, va (or va D'Amore)
Premiered Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, 1989; Queensboro Community College, 1990.

Lydia Ayers

Dangerous Places (1985) 12', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, by Joel Smirnoff, Gerald Elias, Mark Ludwig, Ronald Feldman, 1985; by the Quatour Albert Roussel at the Quatrieme Etage de l'Atelier de Recherche Instrumentale at IRCAM, Paris, 1985; by the New Music Consort on KPFK Radio and at the Manhattan School of Music in NY in 1992. Concise, "photographic" movements with a strange tension with lyricism.

Edges (1988) 7', ob, Ehn, bn, oboe d'amore
Microtonal and uses multiphonics.

In The Throne Room Of The Mountain Gods (1987) 7', 2 vln, vla, vc
Virtuosic; microtonal, Partch system to the 11-limit. Premiere of electronic tape version at Microtonal Workshop at Roulette in NY, NY in 1990 and on KPFK Radio in 1992. Demo tape available.

Last Cry Of The Wild Herons (1971) 6', 2 fl

Ombres Chinoises (1976) 8', fl, mar, vla
Premiere: performed by Linny Kammer, James Dunham and Todd Manley in Valencia, CA in 1974; performed by Jody Meese, Marlow Fisher and John Fitzgerald in Valencia, CA in 1977.

Ombres Des Etoiles (1977) 5', percussion duet
Premiere: performed by Mona Kim and Duane Livingston in Valencia, CA in 1977.

Ombres Des Feuilles, Ombres Des Fleurs (1977) 2', cl, bn, mar, vla
Modal. Premiere: performed by Neil Charak, Andy Radford, Jim Snodgrass and Marlow Fisher in Valencia, CA in 1977.

Ombres Du Feu (1977) 2', 2 pic, bn
Humorous. Premiere: performed by Jody Meese, Dennis Rihn and Andy Radford in Valencia, CA in 1977; performed by Jane Hoffman, Andrea Sorkin and Kurt Ramlo in Northridge in 1983.

Ombres Du Vent (1976) 5', 2 fl
Performed three times by Georgia Mohammar and the composer in Valencia, CA in 1975 and 1976; performed by Jody Meese and Dennis Rihn in Valencia, CA in 1977.

Pearls (1984) 10', fl/al fl/ceramic fl, vc/rice bowls
Virtuosic; microtonal with flute multiphonics, extended cello techniques and some extended vocal techniques.

Photo (1986) 7', fl, cl, sax - Performers choose from four to seven of a group of short variations with optional doubling; all parts contain multiphonics; difficulty of variations ranges from easy to virtuosic. Performed at the First Annual American Women Composers' Marat

Elizabeth Bell

Fantasy-Sonata (1971) 11', pn, vc
Premiered Ann Silsbee, Einar Holm, Cornell U, 1973. "Written in a wonderfully angular contemporary idiom drawing on the full resonance of the instruments." - Brancaleone, Gannett. "Exciting rhythmic dialogue." - Cornell Daily Sun. Tape avail. ACA - American Composers Alliance

First String Quartet (1957) 25', vln, vla, vc
4 movements: Sostenuto, Scherzando, Religioso, Con Fuoco. Premiered Lydian Quartet, Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC, 11/86. 1st & 2nd movements Premiered at Eastman School, Rochester, NY 3/53. Tape avail (composer).

Perne In A Gyre (1984) 13', cl, pn, vln, vc
Perf/recorded N/S Consonance (Lifchitz) on Classic Masters CMCD1011; 1st Prize 1986 Composers Compet, Farmington UT. "Excellent control of color, texture, & sonority" - Washington Post; inspired by W.B. Yeats poem. Tape and CD avail. ACA - American Composers Alliance

River Fantasy (1991) 14'30", fl, vln, vla, vc
Inspired by the film "The African Queen." Dramatic, lyrical. Uses quartertones. Professional difficulty. Premiere N/S Consonance, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC, 10/21/91 (M. Lifchitz, Mu. Dir.). Also performed at NYU by NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble (E. Lamneck, Mu. Dir.), and in Moscow. Tape avail. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Barbara Benary

4x4 (Four By Four) (1985) 4', perc
quartet for mallet percussion. Four transpositions of a four note melody inspired by hocketting angklung rattles of Indonesia. Premiered by Manhattan Marimba Quartet. Medium difficulty. FROG PEAK MUSIC

Exchanges (1968) 7', trio strs (or winds)
for sustaining instuments. Slow modulation of sustained triads by game process with improvisatory elements. Recommended as a study or concert piece. FROG PEAK MUSIC

Four Pieces In The Mode Barang (1974) 4', recorder(s), fl(s) - and possibly strings or reeds.
One solo, two duets, one of indeterminate number. Explorations of Indonesian mode Pelog Patet Barang, with improvisation. FROG PEAK MUSIC

Tintinnalogia (1992) 12', perc, pn, vln
numerical patterns of English change ringing translated into permutations of chord progressions and note lengths. 3 movements. FROG PEAK MUSIC

Marilyn Bliss

Aurora Borealis (1990) 11'30", 4 perc
4 players, 2 vibraphone, 1 glockenspiel, 3 suspended cymbals, wood block, temple blocks, marimba, crotale, tam-tam, glass chimes, ceramic chimes, sleigh bells, maracas. Premiered by the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble.. A meditative, spiritual work inspired by the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Published by Baker Publications.

Autumnal (1991) 14', fl, cl, pn, vc
Premiered by the Friends and Enemies of New Music; performed at the Prague Festival. Commissioned by the flutist James Zellers. A bittersweet reflection with moments of ecstacy and regret.

Blue Dawn (1998) 4', vc, Native American Flute
Commissioned by James Pellerite for his on-going creation of literature for the Native American flute. May also be played by concert flute. A lyrical, celebratory piece with blues influences. JP-Publications

Chameleon (1981) 9', fl, pn, vc
performed Queens Symphony Chamber Series. Nimble, constantly changing variations on a four-note motive.

Flocks (1988) 8', fl quartet
"Avian illustrations" NY Times; commissioned/Premiered the Powell Quartet.

Rima (1989) 11', pic, pn
Commissioned and premiered by the Piccolo Committee of the National Flute Association. Used as a standard competition piece by the NFA. "...a significant contribution to the literature..." Flutist Quarterly. Recorded by Susan Glaser on Koch International Classics 3-7396-2-H1.. JP Publications

Spirit Dance (1995) 4', Native American Flute; Maracas
Commissioned by James Pellerite for his on-going creation of literature for the Native American flute. Inspired by Native American shaman ceremonies, this piece for Native American flute and maracas features bending tones and a steadily buildingn accelerando to an ecstatic ending. The flute part may also be played on concert flute, or adapted for shakuhachi. JP-Publications

Trio (1979) 20', pn, vln, vc
commissioned/Premiered Philadelphia Art Alliance. Three movements, reinterpreting sonata form in a nontonal context.

Tamara Maria Bliss

Elegy For P.B. (Kyrie For 3 Clarinets And Bassoon 5', 3 cl, bn

Focus On Infinity 12', cl, pn, vln
Score for art film; performed Museum of Modern Art, 1960.

Orsino's Galliard (Sans Words) , guitar, recorder
From "Twelfth Night" Shakespeare songs, Premiered Downtown Theatre Ensemble, Wooster St. 1977.

Voyage For Flute And Piano 5', fl, pn
2 to 4 players; Premiered April 24, 1994, Mostly New Music Series, Weiler Auditorium, Greenwich Music School, NYC.

Victoria Bond

Can(N)Ons For Clarinet And Violin (1970) 5'10", cl, vln
5 movements. Dedicated to Ingolf Dahl; Premiered LA Museum, 1970, John Neufeld, cl, Nate Ross, vn. Seesaw Music Corp.

Conversation Piece (1975) 11'30", vib, vla
Premiered Museum Modern Art NYC, 1975, Karen Phillips, va, Martin Kluger, vib. S Seesaw Music Corp.

Dreams Of Flying (1994) 5', 2 vln, vla, vc
Commissioned by Audubon Quartet, Premiered May 8, 1994. Levitating, Floating, and Flight describe dream sensations. The caged bird dreams of the jungle fulfils a fantasy to be free.

Duet For Flute And Viola (1969) 10', fl, vla
5 movements; Premiered LA County Museum, 1970, Sheridan Stokes, fl, Joe Di Fiore, va. S Seesaw Music Corp.

Menage A Trois (1971) 3', al fl, b cl, al sax
1 movement; Premiered private reading, 9/30/71. Seesaw Music Corp.

Notes From Underground (1985) 8'45", al sax, pn
Premiered Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC, 1985, N. Ramsay, al sax, A. Dorfman, pn.

Old New Borrowed Blues (1986) 11'30", perc (incl. vibs), harpsichord, cb
Premiered Nova/Antigua, 10/25/86. Variations on "Flow My Tears."

Quartet For Clarinet And Strings (1967) 7', cl, vln, vla, vc
3 movements; Premiered University of Southern California, 1967. Seesaw Music Corp.

Rag (1979) 3'40", pn, vln, vc
movement from TRIO.

Scat (I) (1984) 6'20", al sax, guit
Premiered New Dimensions, Austin Peay State University, Clarkville TN, 1985. S Seesaw Music Corp.

Sonata For Cello And Piano (1971) 10'11", pn, vc
Premiered Cafe Figaro, LA, 6/20/71. S Seesaw Music Corp.

Trio (1979) 22', pn, vln, vc
7 movements; Commissioned by Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival; Premiered Jacob's Pillow, Lenox, MA 8/79.

Trio For Brass (1969) 7'5", hn, tpt, tbn
5 movements; Premiered L. A. County Museum, 1970. Seesaw Music Corp.

Linda Bouchard

Chaudiere A Traction (1979) 12', fl, pn

Cherchell (1982) 8', fl, pn, vln, vla
Commissioned by Chamber of Music Conference of the East.

Circus Faces (1983) 12', fl, vla, vc
Commissioned by Beth Anderson.

Five Grins (1984) 14', fl, ob, hpschd, vc
Commissioned by Tafelmusik.

Lung Ta (1992) 20', 2 vln, vla, vc
Commissioned by Bang-on-a-Can Festival. MUSIGRAPH

Ma Lune Maligne (1981) 21', fl, perc, hp, vla
1st Prize NACUSA Contest 1981.

Possible Nudity (1988) 12', pn, vla, vc
Commissioned by Lois Martin.

Pourtinade (1983) 14', perc, vla
Commissioned by Tina Pelikan; flexible structure.

Propos Ii (1985) 11', 2 tpt
Arrangement from Propos.

Propos Iii (1984) 12', 3 tpt (spatially separated)
Arrangement from Propos.

Propos Iv (1984) 8', 4 tpt (spatially separated)
Arrangement from Propos.

Propos Nouveaux (1988) 8', solo tpt, va, vc, cb (spatially separated).

Rictus En Mirroir (1985) 14', fl, ob, hpschd, vc

Stormy Light (1981) 12', 2 vln, vla, vc

Swift Silver 3', cel, hpschd, harmonium
Commissioned by Rutgers Music Festival.

Web-Trap (1982) 8', fl, bn, vla, cb

Dawn Buckholz

20 Century Duets For Strings (1989) 2', all strings
beginning and intermediate duets for students and teachers.

Cello Duets (1989) 1', 2 vc
for beginning students and teacher.

Cello Trio (1984) 5'30", 2 vc
3 movements. Tape available.

Cellovision (1991) , perc, acoustic/electric vc, v
a series of songs using ethnic, folk, pop, improvisational, and classical ideas, specific listing and recording available. Tape available.

Change (1990) 7', strs
for high school students, uses simple improvisation along with traditional notation, movable form, parts for all levels, very enjoyable. Tape available.

Ghost Ranch (1989) 7', vln, 2 vc
3 movements. Tape available.

Harlem Series (Haiku) (1981) 12', fl/alfl/pic, vc
12 haiku. Tape available.

Juxtaposition (1981) 3'30", tbn, vc
tape available.

Kayapo (1993) 7', perc, vln
Meet The Composer Grant.

Largo (1982) 2', vib, vc

Les Impressions Choisi D'une Autre Temps (1982) 8', 2 vib
3 movements. Tape available.

O'keeffe Trio (1983) 6', hn, tpt, tbn
3 movements. Tape available.

Piece For Three Violins And Percusssion (1987) 5', perc, 3 vln
for advanced high school ensemble; challenging rhythms and ensemble. Tape available.

Ut Queant Laxis (1981) 4', vln, vc

Karen Campbell

Calls Across Time 8'15", open quartet (winds, brass, or accordions)

Duo For Double Bass & Piano 8', pn, cb

Kokopelli 7'30", fl, or sax duet.

Music For A Given Space 7', 4 perc

Parallels 9'15", pn, va or vc

Tala 6', 2 treble instrs.

Three Dreams 15', fl, hp, vla

Nancy Laird Chance

Ceremonial (1976) 15', 4 perc
Prem: Manhattan Percussion Ensemble. Seesaw Music Corp.

Daysongs (1974) 9', 2 perc, al fl
Recorded Opus One Records #72. Seesaw Music Corp.

Declamation And Song (1977) 12', vib, pn, vln, vc
Comm: The New Music Consort NYC. S Seesaw Music Corp.

Duos Ii (1978) 9', ob, Ehn
Comm: Josef Marx. Seesaw Music Corp.

Duos Iii (1980) 11', vln, vc
Recorded Opus One Records #85. MMB MUSIC

Rhapsodia (1984) 10', 4 mar
Comm: Manhattan Marimba Quartet. MMB MUSIC

String Quartet No. 1 (1990) 20', 2 vln, vla, vc

Justine Fang Chen

A Day At The Circus (1988) 5', 2 vln, vla, vc
First Prize at Interlochen Arts Academy National Composition Competition (1989). Second Prize of Westminster Choir College High School Composition Competition (1989).

Pink Pierrot (1986) 3', pn, vln, vc
first prize New York Federation of Music Clubs Composition Competition. Premiered 3/87 at Brooklyn Academy of Music by Brooklyn Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble.

Quartet No. 4 "The Ballad" (1992) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered 3/93 at National Concert Hall, Tapei, Taiwan.

Second Wedding Present (1992) 4', vln, vc

The Bridge Game (1989) 5', 2 vln, vla, vc

Two-Teeth Prelude (1983) 2'30", pn, vln
won Fourth International Aaron Copland Composition Competition.

Wendy Fang Chen

Brooklyn Bridge (1983) 20', pn, vln, vc
1st prize NY Fed. Music Clubs Composition Competition 1984.

Caprice (1982) , pn, vc
Premiered Juilliard, Wendy Chen, pn.

Homage To Charles M.Schulz-Cartoonist (1984) 7', vln, vla, vc
2nd prize Fed. Mus. Clubs. Comp. 1987; Premiered Juilliard 1985, perf. Aspen '85, Boston Univ '87. 1st prize NY Fed Mus. Clubs, 1987.

Piano Quartet (1991) 14', pn, vln, vla, vc
4 movements - 4'50", 2'30", 2', 4.25 with repeats. Premiered Juilliard, 1991.

Gia Comolli

Brass Trio (1984) 12', hn, tpt, tu
Premiered Tues. Noon Series, 1985 Comp. Dept. Recital, 1984; Comp. Recital, 1985. College level ability.

Sonata For Trumpet And Piano (1986) 13', tpt, pn
Premiered Trumpet recital 1987; Composition recital 1987; Aspen Music Festival, 1987; Tues. Noon Series, 1987; Southeastern Composers League - first place. Professional level ability.

Sonata For Violin And Piano (1987) , pn, vln
performed City College; Peabody. Violin Recital, 1988. Won Mark Brunswick Award, 1989. Professional ability.

String Quartet (1986) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered Comp. Dept. Recital, 1987; Comp. Recital, 1987. College level ability.

String Quartet No. 2 , 2 vln, vla, vc
Meet The Composer grant. performed Convergence Ctr. Coda Series; Chamber Music South Bristol; Ethical Society, Temple Univ doctoral recital.

Suite For Tuba And Piano (1983) 15', tu, pn
Premiered Comp. Dept. Recital, 1983. College level ability or more.

Suite For Viola And Piano (1983) 15', pn, vla
Premiered Peabody. Professional ability.

Three Pieces For Two Marimbas (1992) , perf at Temple U.

Three Pieces From The Underworld (1990) 12', 2 cl
performed Temple Univ doctoral recital.

Two Scenes , perc ensemble
performed Temple Univ. Percussion Ensemble concert.

Robin Connell

Cello Duo (1992) 4'15", 2 vc
1 movement. Intense rhythmic interplay. Useful for advanced students. Tape avail.

String Quartet (1992) 4', 2 vln, vla, vc
1 movement. Useful for advanced students/pros. Tape avail.

Tablemusic (1992) 9'30", 4 perc (table, tuned water glass, utensils)
a la John Cage. Fun. For all levels of difficulty. Video-audio tape avail.

Woodwind Quartet (1991) 8'10", fl, ob, cl, bn
3 movements. Useful for advanced students. Tonal with dissonance; very lyrical 2nd movement. Tape avail.

Constance Cooper

String Quartet (1992) 13', 2 vln, vla, vc
performed by Arditti Quartet. Quarter-tones. Tape avail.

String Trio (1988) 13', vln, vla, vc
Tape avail.

Eleanor Cory

Adagio Quartetto (1964) 3', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered 1964, Student Composers Conference, Baltimore, MD. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Designs (1979) 11', pn, vln, vc
Premiered Arioso Trio, 1979, Carnegie Recital Hall. APNM/Music Publishing Service

Hemispheres (1989) 14', pn, vc
Premiered 1989, Greenwich House, NYC, M. Neumann, vc; E. Rodgers, pn. ACA.

Profiles (1983) 9', cl, pn, vc
Premiered 1984, Carnegie Recital Hall, M. Kupferman, cl, D. Moore, vc, K. Hayami, pn. Phantom Press.

Quartet For Oboe, Trumpet, Cello And Vibraphone (1968) 6', ob, tpt, vib, vc. ACA

String Quartet (1988) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered 1988. Boston Univ Conc Hall, Alea III, T. Street, vn, J. Hemenway, vn, S. Woolweaver, va, M. Simcox, vc, T. Antoniou, cond. ACA.

Trio For Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), Cello And Piano (1973) 5', B cl, pn, vc
Premiered 1974, Composers Forum, M. Sussman, cl, H. Harbison, vc, U. Oppens, pn. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Trio For Flute Oboe And Piano (1977) 10', fl/pic, ob/Ehn, pn
Premiered New England Chamber Trio, 1978, Carnegie Recital Hall. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Trio For Violin, Bass Clarinet And Piano (1969) 5', B cl, pn, vn. ACA

Judith Sainte Croix

Turquoise Surprise (1989) 5', pn, mez, vln, vc
Premiered Mu Phi Epsilon, Minnesota Chapter. A lullaby depicting a child's flight on a violet butterfly, by way of "deep crystal canyons in the dream velvet night" to a wonderous place.

Joan Crowell

Arrondissement (reorchestrated) (1996) 15', cl, pn, vla
Performed at "Women Composers Concert" at Rutgers University on 4/9/96. Arrondissement refers to both meanings of the french word: a "quartier" as say, Soho, Chelsea, Harlem, Park Ave. in NYC. Each of these "arrondissement" is a small world humming with a diversity of beings. The other meaning is a "roundness" thus the piece is constructed with a sense of circling.

Brief Prolegomena to the 14 Different Kinds of Nothingness (1991) 7', tpt, mar, pn
Performed in Riverhead NY, 4/5/91. Inspired by Buddhist text. Piece embodies a juxtaposition of sound and silence where measures of rests are followed by repeated beginning phrases - the idea being that each silence becomes different when preceded by a different musical segment.

Wind Songs: Who Has Seen the Wind; The Moon's the NorthWind's Co (1991) 4', fl, vln, vla, vc, or sop., pn.
Won the Composers Guild's (Children's Category) Honorable Mention of 1991.

Stefania M. De Kenessey

Flute Sonata Op. 19 (1986) 21', fl, pn

Oboe Sonata Op. 14 (1985) 15', ob, pn

Serenade Op. 6 (1984) 7', pn, b cl

String Quartet Op. 1 (1984) 41', 2 vln, vla, vc

Suite, Op. 15 (1985) 22', ob, pn

Trio Op. 4 (1984) 38', pn, vln, vc

Violin Sonata Op. 16 (1986) 24', pn, vn.

Windswept, Op. 45 (1995) 10', 3 pn
single movement work in C minor, moderate difficulty.

Elisenda Fabregas

Dance and Song (1995) 6', pn, vln
Dance rhythms; Spanish flavor in the melodic and haunting song. Exciting encore piece.

El Mar (2000) 6', guit, shakuhashi
One movement. Comissioned by flutist Martha Fabrique and guitarist Matthew Dunne. To be premiered at the Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Tx, in March 2000. Available in February 2000.

La Noche, El Arroyo Y El Pastor (1992) 9', cl, pn, vla, vc
Commissioned/Premiered Eberli Ensemble 4/3/92, CMS conv. Univ. of Delaware. Inspired by F. Garcia Lorca. 3 movements: Sostenuto, Allegro, Andante. Tonal idiom. Tape avail.

Portraits II (1999) , cl, pn, vln, vc
Four mov characterized by rapid mood changes with lyrical and highly rhythmic moments. Written for Soli Ensemble. Prem Soli Ensemble on 1/16/00, Ruth Taylor Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, Tx. Adv lev. Tape avail.

Sonata No. 1 For Violin & Piano (1994) 10', pn, vln
commissioned/Premiered Ben Breen and composer, Mostly Women Composers Festival, Teachers College, CU, NYC. "Fabregas brand new Sonata for Violin and Piano has motoric, muscular, exciting fast movements flanking an intensely lrical, neo-romantic Elegy. Express News, San Antonio. Tape Avail.

Sonata No. 2 for Flute and Piano (2000) 12', fl, pn
Commissioned by award-winning flutist Kim Resinger. Adv lev. Available in July 2000.

Sonata No. 2 For Violin & Piano (1995) 14', pn, vln
commissioned/Premiered by Benjamin Breen, vn, and composer, pn, New Music Festival, University of Texas at San Antonio. Four movements.

Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy

Trio For Violin, Clarinet And Piano (1958) 9'20", cl, pn, vln
Premiere SE Composers Forum, Julius Hegyi Trio. performed Music in Our Time Series, 92nd St. Y, 1958. Tape available. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Windrider/Final Ascent (1993) 10'25", fl, pn
a tribute in memory of a dancer; performed Chiron New Music Group, Ithaca, N. Y. November, 1993. Tape avail. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Susan Fisher

Honore A B (1983) 15', pn, cb

On Winge And Night Song (1976) 15', 2 fl, pn

Prelude To Grace (1989) 12', fl, pn
Premiere Artemis Chamber Ensemble, Donnell Library, March 1990.

Stretto Quartet (1987) 20', fl, pn, vln, vla

Trio: Di Ricordi Profondi (1986) 40', fl, pn, vc
Premiere Artemis Chamber Ensemble, Lincoln Center, NYC March, 1987.

Tracy Fitz

Bassav (1990) 4', cbn, vib, flugel hn
cool jazz, flugel horn solo. Recorded by composer with MIDI synthesizers. Tape available.

Black Satin (1988) 5'30", pn, cornet
Langorous. Tape avail.

Ruth Berman Harris

Miniatures Iii (1976) 8'30", hp, vc
recital pieces; moderate difficulty; students educational material. 3 solos for pedal harp and cello. Sumark Press

Nocturne (1978) 4', hp, vc
moderately difficult romantic recital piece - students' educational material. Sumark Press

String Quartet (1982) 8', 2 vln, vla, vc
3 movements; Premiered Laurentian Str Quartet; also performed Andrea Str Quartet. "Assembles a mosaic of short melodic and rhythmic units juxtaposed in interesting groupings." Brancaleone, Gannett West News, 1988. Sumark Press

Winter (1978) 4', fl, cl, hp
difficult harp part. "Pleasing tone poem, Harris makes evocative use of the harp and writes beautifully for it." Adina Salmansohn Affelt, Womens News, 1989. Sumark Press

Jane Smith Hart

Adagio For String Quartet (1980) 10', 2 vln, vla, vc
Romantic, moderately dissonant.

Fantasie For Viola And Piano (1992) 8', pn, vla

Prairie , 7'
pn, va.

Sonata For Clarinet, Piano (1976) 10', cl, pn
"spirited performance - the artist captured the jazz element of the work, making her clarinet sound nearly like a soprano saxophone."- Women's News, 12/89.

Sonata For Flute Guitar (1976) 10', fl, guit
tape avail. - Composer: "This has become very popular among flute-guitar combinations. Takes some skill, but is worthwhile in performance and audience acceptance."

Sonata For Violin, Piano (1989) 12', pn, vln
3 movements: Moderato Adagio Giocoso.

Julie Harting

Piano Trio (1993) 17', pn, vln, vc

Procession (1983) 9', 4 perc

Saxophone Quartet (1983) 7', sax quartet
Two movements.

String Quartet (1991) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
One movement; awarded Rapoport Prize from Columbia Univ.

Katherine Hoover

Allegro Giocoso Op. 32 (1985) 2', pn, vc
Papagena Press

Aria, Op. 31 (1985) 4', bn, pn, or pn, vc
Papagena Press

Canyon Echos (1991) 18', fl, guit
Commissioned by and Premiered by Duologue, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, 11/91. Papagena Press

Divertimento, Op. 7 (1975) 12', fl, vln, vla, vc
Rec Leonarda LPI 105, D. Gold & Alard Trio. Papagena Press

Duo For Flutes Op. 23 (1982) 6', 2 fl
Six simple duets. Boelke-Bomart

Images Op. 22 (1981) 12', cl, pn, vln
Written for and recorded by The Verdehr Trio, Leonarda LE 325. Papagena Press

Lyric Trio Op. 27 (1983) 18', fl, vln, vla, vc
Commissioned by Huntington Trio, recorded Leonarda LE 325. Papagena Press

Medieval Suite (1981) 19', fl, pn
Winner NFA Newly Published Music, 1987. THEODORE PRESSER

Ritual (1989) 8', cl, pn
Commissioned by N.Y.S. Music Teacher's Assoc. Premiered October 1989. Papagena Press

Sinfonia Op. 10 (1976) 11', 4 bn
Rec New York Bassoon Quartet. Papagena Press

Sonata (1991) 16', ob, pn
Commissioned by Vinland Duo. Premiered at Weill Hall, 4/90. Papagena Press

Sound Bytes Op. 43 (1990) 10', 2 fl. PAPAGENA

Suite For Saxophones Op. 20 (1980) 12', sop, al, ten, bs, 4 sax
Comp for New York Saxophone Quartet. Papagena Press

Suite For Two Flutes Op. 17 (1977) 9', 2 fl - Performed at NFA Conv., NYC; many other performances. BOELKE BOMART

Summer Night Op. 34 (1985) 8', fl, hn, pn. THEODORE PRESSER

Trio For Flutes Op. 6 (1974) 8', 3 fl. PAPAGENA

Trio Op. 14 (1978) 18', pn, vln, vc
Rec Rogeri Trio, Leonarda LPI 103. Papagena Press

Mary B.B. Inwood

Seven Bagatelles For Wind Trio (1981) , fl, cl, hn. SEESAW MUSIC

Sonata For Trumpet And Piano (1982) 7'12", tpt, pn. SEESAW MUSIC

String Quartet (1975) , 2 vln, vla, vc
Seesaw Music Corp.

Suite For Clarinet And Bassoon (1985) , cl, bn. SEESAW MUSIC

Trio For Oboe, Horn And Piano (1983) , ob, hn, pn. SEESAW MUSIC

Laura Kaminsky

A Dream Revisited (1985) 10', fl, perc
winner Composers' Forum and American Society for Jewish Music.

Duo (1982) , fl, vib

Enkomios (1980) 10', fl, pn
winner American Women composers Competition.

Five For Three (1982) 12', fl, pn, vc

In Memoriam Eleazer (1979) 16', tpt, hn I & II, tbn.

It Comes And It Goes (1990) 15', fl, guit
Commissioned by Infusion Chamber Ensemble.

Just Here, Sitting Now (1987) 15', cl, pn
Commissioned by Sheldon Berkowitz, cl; perf: Iowa, Spain.

Mirror To The Sky (1986) 8', fl, hp
Commissioned by Zounds, Inc.

Remembering August (1983) 9', vln, vla, vc

Steeltop Dances (1984) 11', ob, perc (dancer opt).

Triptych (1984) 14', ob, pn, vc

Whence It Comes (1989) 18', perc, vln
Commissioned by William Trigg, perc.

Patricia King

Trio For Friends (1980) 4', pn, vln, vla

Two Scenes For Cello And Piano (1983) 5'10", pn, vc
Tape avail.

Two Songs For Flute And Piano (1986) 6', fl, pn
Tape avail.

Bun-Ching Lam

2 + 1 = 3 (1987) 10', pic, bn, pn, Alto flute can be substituted for piccolo
Commissioned by the Cable & Wireless Concert Series, Hong Kong.

Another Spring (1988) 12', pn, vc, al fl
Commissioned by the Batschelet Trio of Basel, Switzerland.

Boehmes Liebeslied (1987) 3', fl, pn
Private Commissioned by of Walter Boehme of Neuss, Germany.

Duo (1977) 4', 2 fl
Can be performed together with solo flute.

L'air Du Temps 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
The composition of this work is supported by an NEA Composer's Fellowship.

Movement (1980) 4', 2 vln, vla, vc

Similia/Dissimilia (1989) 20', tbn, electric vn
Commissioned by & written for trombone (Miles Anderson, tbn, Erica Sharp, vn).

Three Easy Pieces (1985) 8', tbn, digital delay
Commissioned by & written for Miles Anderson.

Jane Leslie

Lullaby (1995) 1'30", fl, pn
Arrangement of an excerpt from Childhood Sketches (see Piano Solo section). Sweet, memorable melody. Intermediate level.

Binnette Lipper

Fantasy For Oboe And Piano (1986) 6', ob, pn
Commission and premiered, 1986, Edgemont (NY) Council for Arts.

Five Duets For Cello And Piano (1981) 9', pn, vc
Five Duets For Cello And Piano: Prologue; Andante Cantabile; Sherzino; Fantasia; Epilogue. "... lined with imaginativeness ..." - Gannett.

Gavotte For Woodwinds (1975) 2', fl, ob, cl, bn

Interludes (Fantasy, Recollections, Flight) (1989) 10', fl, vln, vc
Interludes (Fantasy, Recollections, Flight), Commission and premier, Crescent Trio, May 1989. "The interplay among instruments and flowing lines evoking many moods made this a most successful piece." - Womens News. CD available, late in 1999, produced by Musicians Showcase Recordings: Flute, Sandra Church; Violin, Matitiahu Braun; Cello, Igor Guestler.

String Quartet No. 1 (3 mvts.) (1988) 11', 2 vln, vla, vc
String Quartet (No. 1)(in Three movements). Available on CD in late 1999, produced by Musicians Showcase Recordings: Violin 1, Matitiahu Braun; Violin 2, Lisa Kim; Viola, Irene Breslau; Cello, Igor Guestler.

Summer Memories (1989) 3', 2 fl, ob, cl
for young ensemble and for use by teachers; option to increase number of performers for each instrument.

Trialogue (1997) 10', fl, Bb cl
Trialogue is a dialogue for flute, clarinet and bassoon, in one movement. Premiere: Hoff-Barthelson Music School Contemporary Festival, May 1988. Publication Pending: Hildegard Publishing Company. CD available, late in 1999, produced by Musicians Showcase Recordings.

Trio (for Piano, Violin And Cello) (1981) 11', pn, vln, vc
Three Movements: Allegro con brio, Scherzo, Moderatto.

Ursula Mamlok

5 Capriccios For Oboe And Piano (1968) 6', ob, pn
Premiered J. Martin, ob, J. Tower, pn, 1968. 2 scores needed for performance; P66497. C.F. Peters

8 Easy Duets For Two Clarinets (1958) 9', 2 cl
for 2 beginning students; for use by teachers. E.C.SCHIRMER

Bagatelles (1988) 7', cl, vln, vc
Commissioned by Inoue Ensemble, Weill Hall, at Carnegie Hall NYC, 10/17/88. P67278; 3 scores needed for performance. "By turns spooky and playful." Allan Kozinn, New York Times. C.F. Peters

Concert Piece For 4 (1964) 8', fl, ob, perc, vla
Premiered Music in Our Time, Kaufman Aud, NYC, 1964. "A work with careful, even elegant charm." Eric Saltzman, N. Y. Herald Tribune. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Designs For Violin & Piano (1962) 6', pn, vln
Premiered Composers Forum, Matthew Raymondi, pn, Robert Helps, pn, 2/63. "Mamlok's Designs has a touching expressiveness and a really solid competence behind it." Michael Steinberg, Boston Globe. ACA - American Composers Alliance

In Celebration (1993) 7', rec, pn, vn, vc.

Lament (1957) 5', 4 vc
Premiered 2/4/90 Greenwich House, NYC, Bowery Cellists. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Movements (1966) 9', fl/A fl, perc, cb
Premiered Tangelwood Fromm Fest, 1967. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Music For Stony Brook (1990) 8', fl, vln, vc
Commissioned by SUNY-Stony Brook, Premiered 4/28/90, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC. C.F. Peters

Music For Viola & Harp (1965) 6', hp, vla
commissioned/Premiered S. Jolles, hp, J. Glick, va - Carnegie Recital Hall. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Panta Rhei (Time In Flux) (1981) 8', pn, vln, vc
Commissioned by SAI; Group Contemp Music, 82; CRI 518; parts; P66885; "Mamlok has a songful, lyrical sense, her poignant music ranges widely from sprightly waltz, to motionless sustained, to powerful motivic rhythms." Fanfare. C.F. Peters

Rhapsody For Clarinet, Viola And Piano (1989) 8', cl, pn, vla
commissioned/Premiered Earplay, SF 89; Parnassus, 90. Rec Gasparo CD. "...fetching, craggy strong minded gives way to tender speculative middle" Kosman SF Chron. "Textures...assertive phrasing...each instrument demonstrates what it can do best - effortlessly appealing." SF Chron. "Substance" "Weight" Holland NY Times. P67341. C.F. Peters

Sintra (1969) 7', Afl, vc
Premiered Carnegie Rec Hall, NYC, 1970; Pagano, fl, Forbes, vc. "sinuous" "of bristling structure" Peter G. Davis, New York Times. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Sonata For Violin And Piano (1989) 8', pn, vln
Commissioned by Eastman School of Music for Catherine Tait. Premiered 10/11/90 Village Variations Series, Greenwich House Music School, NYC. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Sonatina For 2 Clarinets (1957) 10', 2 cl
Premiered NYC 1957. ACA - American Composers Alliance

String Quartet (1962) 11', 2 vln, vla, vc
ISCM conc, 1963. "...great deal of character, strong intense first movement, scherzo which has remarkable literal repeat of its main section that works, way such repeats used to work, a strong piece" Salzman NY Herald Trib. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Temporal Interrelations (1965) 1'30", fl, ob, vln, vc
Premiered Bennington Composer Conference (1965). ACA

Variations And Interludes (1971) 6', 4 perc
Premiered 1972 Manhattan Sch Mus; 4 scores needed for perf; P66498. "...piece enriches the percussion literature by 7 minutes of remarkable compositional clarity." Kurt Prihoda Das Orch. "..highlight of concert..." Percussive Notes. P66498. C.F. Peters

Julie Mandel

Invention for Flute and Piano (1994) , fl, pn
3 movements.

Proteus String Quartet (1998) 12'30", 2 vln, vla, vc
3 movements

Spring Trio (1998) 18'35", vln, vla, vc

String Quartet No. 3 (1996) 16'36", 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered in Chicago in 1996. Tape available. 4 movements (mvt. 1: 4:23)(mvt. 2: 4:26)(mvt. 3: 2:48)(mvt. 4: 4:59). Theodore Presser

Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp (1994) 13'38", fl, hp, vla
Premiered at Queens College in April, 1996 by Sue Ann Kahn, Christine Ims, and Susan Jolles. In 3 movements (mvt. 1: 5:01)(mvt. 2: 4:11)(mvt. 3: 4:26). Theodore Presser

Ann E. McMillan

April-Episode (1975) 13', hpschd, tape
commissioned/Premiered Joseph Payne, Camden Festival, London, 1975. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Trio (1988) , pn, vc, tape
Commissioned by for Jane & Jeffrey Hollander, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Performances 1989, "Work in Progress" demonstration, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1988. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Beata Moon

Antelope Vamp (1996) 5', perc, vib, pn, elec vn.
Comm SENSEDANCE; premiered 1996 (w/ Moon pn) at St. Mark's Church, NYC.

Mary (1996) 10', pn, mez, vln, drums.
Comm Edward Hudaverdi & Frances Neal for multi-media project. Prem (1997) at The Temple at Gunnersbury Park, London.

Moonpaths (1998) 17', cl, pn, vln
Comm SENSEDANCE; prem 1998 (w/ Moon pn) at St. Mark's Church, NYC.

Winter Sky (1996) 4', pn, vln
Prem Chin Kim vln, Moon pn 1997 at Christ & St. Steven's Church, NYC; Friends & Enemies of New Music Concert.

Dorothy Rudd Moore

Dirge And Deliverance (1970) 16', pn, vc
Two movements. Commissioned by Kermit Moore. Premiered 5/14/72, NY City, Alice Tully Hall; Kermit Moore, cello; Zita Carno, piano. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Modes (1968) 12', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered 5/28/68, New York City, Harlem School of the Arts, Clarmore String Quartet. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Moods (1969) 15', vla, vc
Three movements. Premiered 5/20/69, New York City, Society of Black Composer concert, Selwart Clarke, violin; Kermit Moore, cello. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Night Fantasy (1978) 12', cl, pn. ACA

Three Pieces For Violin And Piano (1966) 10', pn, vln
Commissioned by Richard Elias. Premiered 3/2/65, New York City, Richard Elias, vn, David Garvey, pn. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Trio No. 1 (1969) 15', pn, vln, vc
Three movements. Commissioned by The Reston Trio. Premiered 3/26/70, New York City, Carnegie Recital Hall, The Reston Trio. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Joyce E. Orenstein

Dialogue for Clarinet and Cello (1975) 1', cl, vc

Music for Flute, Viola and Percussion (1971) 10', fl, perc, vla

Alla Pavlova

Lullaby for Irene (1972) 3', vib, pn, vln, or pn, fl, vib.

Alla Pavlova-Nevler

An Epitaph For Those Who Have Died Of Aids (1993) 6', fl, vln, vc, tam-tam

Lullaby For Irene (1972) 3', pn, glockenspiel, vn.

New York Fantasy (1993) 6', tpt, alto sax, pn, cb.

Sounding Rainbow Ii (1993) 7', Wide variety of instrumental groups, mostly for 2 or 3 players
Music for the young ensembles.

Elizabeth Hayden Pizer

Quilisoly (1976) 4', fl, pn

String Quartet (1987) 11', 2 vln, vla, vc
rev from 1981 version. Award.

Marga Richter

Elegy (1994) 3'30", vn (or fl), pn (or guit), vc(opt)
Trio-cadenza from Triple Concerto "...beside the still waters." Original melody added to Bach's Prelude No. 1, WTC, transposed to Db minor/major. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Landscapes Of The Mind Ii (1971) 17', pn, vln
Commissioned by Daniel Heifetz. NY Premiered Alice Tully Hall 4/77, D. Heifetz, vn, A. Epperson, pn. Rec D. Heifetz, vn, Michael Skelly, pn, Leonarda LPI 122 LP and reissued Leonarda LE 337 CD. Repertory list Rockefeller American Music Competition. 2nd piece in the Landscape series inspired by Georgie O'Keeffe paintings. of the most attractive contemporary pieces I have heard in a long time." Harris Goldsmith, Musical America. "...a compelling mysterious, brooding piece well worth adding to the standard repertory." M. Acheson, Sounthampton Press. Tape avail. CARL FISCHER

Landscapes Of The Mind Iii (1979) 25', pn, vln, vc
commissioned/Premiered National Fed. Music Clubs; inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. "...a haunting trio...a humdinger piece, lyrical and nostalgic but up to the minute in style." H. Tircuit, San Francisco Chronicle. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

One For Two And Two For Three (1974) 5', 3 tbn

Pastorale (1975) 3', 2 ob,

Qhanri (Snow Mountain) , 33'50"
pn, vc - inspired by trip to Tibet, its landscapes and people. Premiered D. Wells, vc, M. Richter, pn,, 1991, Yellow Barn Music Fest., Putney, Vt. "...has the ability to touch very deep emotional and psychic areas within us and our audiences...a masterpiece." D. Wells. "Quanri contains music of quiet power,reaching an austere nobility at times." M. Anderson, Fanfare. Rec David Wells, vc, Marga Richter, pn, Leonarda LE 337 CD. "The jewel of this particular crown [Leonarda 337] is 'Quanri/Snow Mountain; Tibetan Variations' a startling ritual drama inspired by Richter's 1986 trip to Tibet. This 36-minute tour de force for cello and piano, employing 'chromatic alterations' of a Jokhang Temple chant, here receives a performance to cherish....With this recording, as with Leonarda's other CDs of Marga Richter's music, the label is doing something to remedy the concert scenes neglect of a powerful, original voice." Michael Redmond, Newark Star Ledger. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Ricarcare (1958) 4', 2 tpt, tbn (or hn), tbn (or tu)
modal-sounding with polytonal climax. Intermediate level, suitable high school, college. Tape avail. Fischer Facsimile Edition (FE 209)

Seacliff Variations (1984) 18', pn, vln, vla, vc
commissioned/prem/recorded by Sea Cliff Chamber Players. Musical Heritage Soc 512563L CD. "The writing is extraordinarily powerful, building an emotional tension right from the opening notes...You listen to this music with your soul. S. Rosehaus, Musical Heritage. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Sonata For Clarinet And Piano (1948) 11', cl, pn
NY Premiered Composers Forum, 1951; Herbert Tichman, cl, Marga Richter, pn. "...restless, inventive, dissonant, clean and well-realized." NY Times. " original sense of rhythm,...drama in choice of ability to make her own forms grow by the very nature of her ideas." P. Glanville-Hicks. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Sonora (1981) 10', 2 cl, pn
commissioned/prem/recorded The Drucker Trio, Leonarda LPI 122LP. Inspired by the Sonora Desert Landscape. Mod dif. "...exploits the sonority possibilities in unexpected and interesting ways." R. Croan, Pittsburgh Post Gazette. "...a dark but not somber piece...piquant...a very fine and lovely piece." DPS, American Record Guide. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

String Quartet No. 2 (1958) 16', 2 vln, vla, vc
"...a work of stature and technical ability free of academic restraint." M. Acheson, Southhampton Press. " exceptionally personable work...The fugue, comprised of three contrasting subjects, is an orgy of contrapuntal playfulness." L. Sanders, The Soho News. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Suite For Violin And Piano (1964) 9', pn, vln
Moderate difficulty. Tape avail. SHREWSBURY PRESS

Ruth Schonthal

A Bird Over Jerusalem (1992) 14', fl, pn, tape of Arabic chant
Premiered Weill Hall, NY, Tadeo Coelho, flute, Joanne Polk, piano

A Bird's Song About (1991) 7', fl, pn
Premiered NYU, 1990, Robin Ambrogio, fl, Albert Zak, pn. Furore-Verlag

Abendruhe mit sussem Traum (1993) 13', vib, pn, vc
Nostalgic, tranquil, somewhat eerie with sudden appearances from fragmented, reharmonized "Der Lindenbaum" (Schubert). Furore-Verlag

Abendruhe mit sussem Traum (1996 revision) (1996) 15', timp, vib, pn, vc
A more dramatic, technically challenging version. Requires a virtuostic vibraphonist. Furore-Verlag

Bells of Sarajevo (1997) , cl, timbred piano
For virtuoso clarinetists. Passages fingered with harmonics. Hauntingly evocative concert piece. Furore-Verlag

Final Asencion (1999) 8'30", 4 fl

Improvisation For Clarinet & Piano (1993) , cl, pn

Loveletters For Clarinet And Cello (1974) 11'30", cl, vc
Premiered Carnegie Recital Hall, M. Kupferman, cl, D. Moore, vc. Perfs Christ & St. Stephens, NYC; German Embassy; National Gallery of Art. Rec Capriccio, E. Lamneck, cl, M. Rudiakov, vc. Sisra Press

Music For Horn And Piano (1978) 12', hn, pn, or hn, chamber orch
Premiered La Guardia College, Queens, 1978, A. Goldstein, hn, R. Schonthal, pn. Furore-Verlag

Sonata Concertante For Cello And Piano (1973) 16', pn, vc
Premiered Hofheim, Germany, M. Neumann, vc, J. Stein, pn; recorded Orion M. Neumann, vc, J. Stein, pn. Furore-Verlag

Sonata Concertante For Clarinet And Piano (1976) 15', cl, pn
Premiered College of New Rochelle, E. Lamneck, cl, G. Steigerwalt, pn. Rec LP Orion, E. Lamneck, cl, G. Steigerwalt, pn. Furore-Verlag

Sonata Concertante For Viola And Piano (1973) 16', pn, vla
Premiered Carnegie Recital Hall, B. Seckel, va, R. Schonthal, pn. Perfs Wigmore Hall, London; St. Michaels Ch, NYC; Heidelberg. Furore-Verlag

Sonata For Violin & Piano (1962) 13', pn, vln
Premiered Carnegie Recital Hall, S. Monosoff, vn, R. Schonthal, pn. Perfs: College of New Rochelle; Ithaca, NY; Mannheim; Cologne; Bonn.

Sonata in E (1961) 16', pn, vln
A "conversational" first movement, a very expressive second and a rousing finale make this a fine recital piece in the conservative modern vein. Furore-Verlag

Sonata in Two Movements (1989) 12', pn, vc
Commissioned by Delta Omicron Fraternity. Premiered Bad Wildungen, Germany, March 1992. Furore-Verlag

String Quartet #1 (1962) 14', 2 vln, vla, vc
13 brief continuous movements. Premiered Carnegie Recital Hall, 1964, York Quartet. Rec Leonarda, Crescent Quartet. Furore-Verlag

String Quartet #2 ("In The Viennese Manner") (1992) 25', 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered Int Congress of Women in Music, Paris, 1984, Crescent Quartet. Perfs Mexico City; Heidelberg; Mannheim. Furore-Verlag

String Quartet no. 3 (Holocaust in Memoriam) (1997) 13', 2 vln, vla, vc
Anguish, and supplication expressed in multi-layered swirls of sound using the "Jewish" scale in bitonal ways; a last cry for help from God ending in dispair. Furore-Verlag

Tristana (1999) 11'30", pn, vln
Comissioned by the Heidelberger Festival Ensamble; w/p 7-10-99. Furore-Verlag

Wildunger Liederzyklus (1997) 18', pn, mez
Highly expressive, serious, challenging songs. Furore-Verlag

Ann Silsbee

Glyphs (1979) 17', guit, hpschd
Commissioned by Carol Zimbelman.

Go Gentle (1980) 8', 3 woodwinds or strs
3 fl, or 3 cl, 3 ob, or 3 vn & va - recorded Finnadar 90266-1, Held, Church, Cox flutists, Commissioned by Doris Hays Lullaby Project. ACA

Journey (1982) 9', fl, perc
moderate difficulty. Origin in dance music, five atmospheric movements, lyrical and vigorous. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Music For Violin & Piano (1995) 12', pn, vln
moderate professional difficulty.

Phantasy (1973) 9', ob, hpschd
ACA - American Composers Alliance

Pharos (1977) 7', pn, vc. (See PHAROS II).

Pharos Ii (1979) 12', perc, pn, vc
Some bowed piano strings and minor preparation. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Quartet (1980) 15', cl, pn, vln, vc
Premiered Society for New Music, Syracuse, NY, 1980. "Wide expressive range and timbral palette, dense musical discourse." Musical America. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Quest (1977) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
written for & Premiered Kronos Quartet, 4/77 Cornell U. ACA - American Composers Alliance

River (1974) 8'20", guided improvisational piece
instrumentation opt. Premiered Darmstadt, Germany 8/74. Moderate difficulty; possible to perform on many levels. ACA - American Composers Alliance

String Quartet No. 2 (1995) 12', 2 vln, vla, vc
For the Society for New Music. Professional level.

Trialogue (1976) 9', cl, pn, vn. "Spirit of dialogue...intensely dramatice." Washington Post. ACA

Triolet (1990) 10'30", fl, hpschd, vc
Premiered Society for New Music, Cazenovia, NY 1990. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Sheila Silver

Dance Converging (1987) 17', hn, perc, pn, vla
Premiered Speculum Musicae, NYC, Oct 1987. Argenta Music

G Whiz (1988) 9', mar, 2 vln
Commissioned by Musician's Accord, NYC. Argenta Music

Sonata For Cello And Piano (1988) 25', pn, vc
commissioned/Premiered T. Eddy, vc, G. Kalish, pn, Town Hall, NYC, Dec. 1988. Rec: CRI. Argenta Music

String Quartet (1975) 28', 2 vln, vla, vc
American Premiered Concert Series, Harvard Univ. 1977; European Premiered Assman Quartet, Mannheim 1976; recorded CRI SD520. Argenta Music

Jeanne Singer

From The Green Mountains (1973) 7', cl, pn, vln
1st prize CAAA; 1st prize NLAPW; 2 movements. Winter Identity; Yankee Springtime. performed throughout USA, Canada, Europe, South America, radio, tv. "deserves to become an American light classic." Boston review. Tape avail.

Grandmother's Attic (1980) 8'30", fl, ob, vln, vc
Commissioned by L'Amore Di Musica Ensemble; 5 movements. Numerous performances USA, South America. Suggests American folk idioms. Medium difficult. Suitable for students as well as concerts. Tape avail. COR PUBLISHING

Legend (1977) 4', fl, pn
Commissioned by Donnell Walden. performed Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, radio. Modal, melodic. For advanced performers. Medium difficult. COR PUBLISHING

Nocturne For Clarinet And Piano (1972) 5', cl, pn
1st prize NLAPW. Numerous performances USA, Canada, Europe, South America, radio. Very lyrical but requires virtuosity. "...Beautiful melodic lines..." - Paris review. "...Richly colored harmonies..." - Buffalo News. Tape avail. COR PUBLISHING

Recollections Of City Island (1985) 11', ob, pn, vla
1st prize CAAA 1986. Commissioned by L'Amore Di Musica Ensemble. Premiered Garden City, NY, 1985; 3 mvmnts. performed Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, radio. Contrasting scenic moods: Night Moorings; Church on the Corner; Nice Day on the Bay. Tape avail.

Rhapsody (1973) 3', cl, pn, vln
1st prize NLAPW; romantic. performed Lincoln Center, elsewhere by the L.I. Trio. Tape avail.

Suite For Horn And Harp (1979) 12', hn, hp
Commissioned by Arthur Goldstein, 1st prize CAAA, 1980; 4 movements. COR PUBLISHING

Sweet Stacy Suite (1969) 5'50", cl, pn, vln
3 mvmnts: Sephardic Dance; Echoes From Spain; American Tune. Dance-like movements suggest folk music of 3 countries, honoring multi-national ancestry of granddaughter Stacy. Numerous perfs USA. Tuneful, tonal. Instant audience appeal. Medium difficult. Tape avail.

Mira J. Spektor

Art In Its Soul 30', pn, vla, concertina
music score for TV documentary seen at Whitney Museum and WGBH-TV, Boston.

Provincetown Suite (1987) 12', fl, pn, vla, or fl, vc, pn, or oboe, va, pn (concertina or vn can be used instead of flute)
tonal and lyrical, this trio was adapted from music score for TV documentary, "Art in its Soul" (seen on WGBH-TV and at Whitney Museum, NYC).

Hilary Tann

Duo (1981) 10'30", ob, vla
per Oxford University Press

Entrance Music With Bells (1989) 4', fl (or vn), ob (or vn), cl (or hn, or A and E hand bells), bn (or vc)
Light wedding music; tape avail.

Llef (1988) 7'30", fl, vc
per Oxford University Press

Of Erthe And Air (1990) 15', fl/pic, cl/bcl, perc (includes frame drums)
New Oxford University Press

Alida Vazquez

Piece For Piano And Clarinet 6', cl, pn
Premiered The Bennington Composers Conference, July 1970. Tape available.

Pieces For Clarinet And Piano , cl, pn
Prem. Bennington Composers Conference, Aug. 28, 1971. Tape available.

Pieces For Violin And Piano 4'20", pn, vln
Premiered The Bennington Composers Conf. Summer 1971. performed City College of NY, May 9, 1973. Tape available.

String Quartet No. 1 "Mexico" 10'20", 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered The Bennington Composers Conference, 8/2/70, The Bennington String Quartet. Tape available.

String Quartet No. 2 , 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered Columbia Univ, Dec. 9, 1975. Tape available.

Awilda Villarini

Seduction and Tango (1987) 5', pn, and sax. Or pn., harmonica.
Arrangement of Seduction and Tango for Harmonica and Piano performed in different museums in New York City.

Sonata for Flute and Piano (1987) 11', fl, pn
Statement about composition: Sonata for Flute and Piano in three movements: Allegro, Adagio, Allegro. It has been performed at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna, CAMI Hall and Greenwich House of Music in New York City.

String Quartet (1997) 5', 2 vln, vla, vc
Reading at N.Y.U. by the Brentano String Quartet.

Suite for Four Trombones (1992) 5', 3 tbn, b tbn
Suite in four movements: Preamble, Danza, Fanfare, "Salsa".

Joelle Wallach

Movement For String Quartet (1969) 8', 2 vln, vla, vc

Music For Manda (1992) 4', student/teacher guitar duo

Organal Voices (1982) 9', bn, vib.

Piano Trio, A Triad Of Blessing (1988) 13', pn, vln, vc

Quartet For Saxophones (1981) 11', 4 sax (sop, alt, ten, bar)
To the Fore Publishers

Sticky Grimaces, Toothy Grins (1991) 12', pn, mallet perc solo

String Quartet (1995) 14', ACA

String Quartet (1999) (1999) 13', 2 vln, vla, vc
Commisioned by the Ariona Friends of Chamber Music for the Maia Quartet

Sweet Briar Elegies (1992) 14', cl, pn, or sop sax and pn
To the Fore Publishers

Beth Wiemann

A Momentary Feat (1989) 6', fl, pn
Commissioned by Laurel Zucker for performed Sacramento State University, 1990. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Basia Nova (1988) 5', bn, hn, pn
Commissioned/Premiered 1989, Lyra Soloists, San Francisco. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Beasts Of The Field (1990) 6', fl, cl
performed Holy Cross Chamber Players, 1991.

Canopy (1988) 8', cl, pn, vla
Premiered 1989 by Alea II Stanford University. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Fanfares (1985) 2', Ehn, tpt, tbn, tu (brass quartet)
Written for and performed at the dedication of Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall, Princeton, University, 1985.

Jerusalem The Golden (1987) 15', 2 vln, vla, vc
3 movements; completed at MacDowell Colony; Premiered Boston Composers String Quartet, 1988. Awarded completion/performance fellowship by Cambridge Arts Council. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Not Dressed For This (1991) 8', cl, vc
Premiered 1991 by Griffin Music Ensemble. Also performed Andover Faculty Players. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Songs Without Words (1988) 7', ob, bn, pn, sop, vc
3 movements. ACA - American Composers Alliance

Urban Contemporary (1988) 5', mar, vln
Premiered 1988 by Marimolin, Boston; UC Davis Contemporary Players, 1989; Griffin Music Ensemble, 1989; Parnassus, NYC, 1990. MUSIC FOR PERCUSSION

Eva Wiener

String Quartet (1980) 6', 2 vln, vla, vc

Susan G. Winthrop

Saxophone Quartet # 1 (1993) , single movement work. Honorable Mention Amherst Sax Quartet Competition. Can include some improvisation. To be recorded by Amhearst Saxophone Quartet.

Trio From Wind , fl, cl, bsn
single movement work originally performed at Manhattan Schoool of Music.

Rain Worthington

Amidst Confusion (1995) 3', fl, ob
Premiered: Contemporary Music Festival, James Madison University, 1997, Harrisonburg VA. The interplay of oboe and flute represents an emotional struggle that can not be easily resolved amidst prevailing confusion.

Conflictions (1997) 3'30", 2 vln, vla, vc
Premiered: Sirius String Quartet, NYC, 1998. Reminiscent of children's taunts, "Conflictions" is meant to convey a psychological state - feeling "afflicted" with hurtful conflicts.

Jilted Tango (1999) 5', fl, pn, vla

Moving Through Shadows & Light (1996) 4'48", hp, vla, al fl
"Moving Through Shadows & Light" represents a passage through an emotional landscape, moving through memories which at moments seem dark and remote, and other times lucid.

Reconsidering (1995) 2'20", fl, ob
Premiered: Row Twelve, 1996, Wellfleet MA. "Reconsidering" is meant to evoke a contemplative mood... a lingering premonition that something may not be what it seems and must be reconsidered on a deeper level.

Reflections of a Distant Time (1994) 2'47", ob, cl, hn, vla
"Reflections of a Distant Time" is a quiet reminiscing for an innocence and simple way of life, perhaps only possible in another time.

Rhythm Modes (1999) 6'18", 2 vln, vla, vc
Premier performance: 6/2/00 concert of works, NYC.

Tears for Two (1999) 2'25", fl, ob

Why Is It? (1995) 2', ob, vla, vc
Premiered: 1999, NYC. A moment's questioning of an emotional circumstance.

Winter's Solitude (1995) 3'55", ob, cl, vla, vc
Premiered: 1998, NYC. "Winter's Solitude" represents two moods of reflection while looking out a window into a cold, clear winter's day.

Margaret De Wys

Canto For Contrabassoon, Bassoon, Piano (1989) 8'30", bn, cbn, pn
Commissioned by the St. Louis Symphony. Wierzbicki says, it "has the shape and the feel of an operatic soliloquy... for dark colored bassoon statements so eloquent one can easily imagine them fitted to words. Beautiful music." Tape.

Charmonium (1991) 9', 2 vln, vla, vc
Commissioned by as quartet for Meridian String Quartet. Sonorous, bold. Moderate difficulty. Tape.

Fountain Of Youth (1987) 7'30", cl, horn, vc, pn
Premiered Warsaw, Poland for International Festival of the Arts, 1987. Moderate difficulty. Tape.

Raptor (1992) 6', ob, vla
New short compact work - rhythmic; ob, Bb cl version available.

San Jeronimo Variations (1991) 11'10", fl, hp, cb
Premiered Rhinebeck Chamber Music Society, 1991, with Nancy Brennand, Marcia Gates, Jim Brennand. Shimmering and colouristic. Moderate difficulty. Tape.

Chen Yi

Qi (1997) 12', fl, perc, pn, vc
"...another of her fascinating cultural interweavings, a poetic essay marked by dynamic extremes and textural imagination." - LA Times Theodore Presser

Song In Winter (1993) 8', hpschd, di, zheng
Premiered Weill Hall, March, 1994.

String Quartet (1982) 23', 2 vln, vla, vc
3 movements, Premiered Zagreb, 1985.

Judith Lang Zaimont

Dance/Inner Dance (1985) 10', fl, ob, vc
Commissioned by Huntingdon Trio. Prize winner Ireland ILWC Competition, 1989, Friends & Enemies of New Music - First Prize 1990. "High-voltage...glittering scherzo...completely satisfying." - Washington Post.

De Infinitate Caeleste (Of The Celestial Infinite) (1980) 18', 2 vln, vla, vc

Doubles (1993) 8'30", ob, pn
Commissioned by Artists International through Minnesota Composers' Forum. Selected for The Century List - Chamber Music America.

Folk-Song Fantasy (1998) , 2 Bb cl, bs cl, alto clarinet
Jeanne, Inc.

Grand Tarantella (1970) 5'30", pn, vla
Delius Competition Prize, 1971.

Parallel Play (1998) , Saxophone Quartet: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone
PARALLEL PLAY for Saxophone Quartet - I: Fanfare; II: Folksong; III: Folderol. Commissioned by University of Wisconsin - River Falls; " 1999 Commissioned Composer". First Performance: Resident sax quartet - Univ. of WI; Other performances: Fiuggi Festival 1999 ( Italy); Adolphe Sax Quartet - NY. Sounds Alive!

Piano Trio , 24'
pn, vn, vc - Commissioned by Skaneateles Festival. "Exceptionally well written...full of variety and engaging ideas...Zaimont has enriched the literature." - Syracuse Post-Standard.

Prelude (1992) 6', fl, ob, vc
Commissioned by Huntingdon Trio.

Zones [Piano Trio No. 2] (1994) 32', pn, vln, vc
ZONES [ Piano Trio No. 2 ]: Commissioned by the University of Alabama - Huntsville for its Silver Anniversary. First Performance: Huntsville Chamber Music Society Recital, November 1994, The Contreras Trio. Other Performances: Manhattan School of Music, Network for New Music (Philadelphia), University of Minnesota. " Ear-tickling sonorities, bristling with ideas; ... passionate energy and commitment [in] music aware of the past and building on it in a post-modern way." - The Huntsville Times. "This mini-epic incorporates sudden mood shifts, lengthy solo excursions, juiced with surprisingly ripe and unexpected lyricism... a wild spectrum of instrumental colors and textural juxtapositions." - Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Sounds Alive!

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