XMLInputFactory Properties

Property Name Behavior Return type Default Value Required
javax.xml.stream.isValidating Validate?Boolean FalseNo
javax.xml.stream.isNamespaceAware Support namespaces? Boolean True True (required) / False (optional)
javax.xml.stream.isCoalescing Always return maximum contiguous run of text in a CHARACTERS event Boolean False Yes
javax.xml.stream.isReplacingEntityReferences resolve internal entity references Boolean True Yes
javax.xml.stream.isSupportingExternalEntities resolve external entity references Boolean Unspecified Yes
javax.xml.stream.reporter class used to report errors javax.xml.stream.XMLReporter NullYes
javax.xml.stream.resolver class used to resolve URIs javax.xml.stream.XMLResolver Null Yes
javax.xml.stream.allocator class used to allocate events javax.xml.stream.util.XMLEventAllocator NullYes
public void setProperty(String name, Object value)
  throws XMLStreamException;
public Object getProperty(String name);
public boolean isPropertySupported(String name)

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