The DocType Class

public class DocType extends Node{

 public DocType(String rootElementName, String publicID, String systemID);
 public DocType(String rootElementName, String systemID);
 public DocType(String rootElementName);
 public DocType(DocType doctype);
 public       void   setRootElementName(String name);
 public final String getRootElementName();
 public final String getInternalDTDSubset();
 public       String setInternalDTDSubset(String subset); // 1.1 and later
 public       void   setPublicID(String id);
 public final String getPublicID();
 public       void   setSystemID(String id);
 public final String getSystemID();
 public final Node getChild(int i);
 public final int  getChildCount();

 public final Node   copy();
 public final String toXML();

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Copyright 2004, 2005 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified February 2, 2005