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<section title="Monday, March 5, 2007" id="news2007March5">
<article id='March_5_2007_61352' class='2007-03-05T17:03:32Z'>
<img src="images/newicon.png" alt="" width="90" height="54"
hspace="5" vspace="5" border="0" align="left" /> Stephan Heiss
has released <a
href="">tIDE</a>, an open
source (GPL) integrated development environment for Java. Java 6
is required. <br clear='all' />

<article id='March_5_2007_30410' class='2007-03-05T08:27:50Z'>
Syncro Soft has released <a
href="">Syncro SVN Client
2.2</a>, a $59 GUI Subversion client written in Java. Version
2.2 "adds as main features support for SVN Annotations,
integration with bug tracking tools and operations on a revision
from the Affected Paths area of History view."

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