Assorted Data Types for Schemas

XML Schema Built-In Simple Types
Name Type Examples
string Parsed Character Data; #PCDATA Hot Cop
normalizedString A string that does not contain any tabs, carriage returns, or linefeeds PIC1, PIC2, PIC3, cow_movie, MonaLisa, Hello World , Warhol, red green
token A string with no leading or trailing white space, no tabs, no linefeeds, and not more than one consecutive space p1 p2, ss123 45 6789, _92, red, green, NT Decl, seventeenp1, p2, 123 45 6789, ^*&^*&_92, red green blue, NT-Decl, seventeen; Mary had a little lamb, The love of money is the root of all Evil.
boolean C++'s bool type true, false, 1, 0
anyURI relative or absolute URI, /javafaq/reports/JCE1.2.1.html
hexBinary Arbitrary binary data encoded in hexadecimal form A4E345EC54CC8D52198000FFEA6C
base64Binary Arbitrary binary data encoded in Base64 6jKpNnmkkWeArsn5Oeeg2njcz+nXdk0f9kZI892ddlR8Lg1aMhPeFTYuoq3I6neFlb BjWzuktNZKiXYBfKsSTB8U09dTiJo2ir3HJuY7eW/p89osKMfixPQsp9vQMgzph6Qa lY7j4MB7y5ROJYsTr1/fFwmj/yhkHwpbpzed1LE=

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