Time Data Types for Schemas

XML Schema Built-In Simple Types
Name Type Examples
timeInstant a particular moment in Co-Ordinated Universal Time; up to an arbitrarily small fraction of a second 1999-05-31T13:20:00.000-05:00
month A given month in a given year 2000-10
year a given year 2000
century a specified century 19
recurringDate a date in no particular year, or rather in every year --10-31
recurringDay a day in no particular month, or rather in every mnonth ----31
timeDuration a length of time, without fixed endpoints, to an arbitrary fraction of a second P2000Y10M31DT09H32M7.4312S
date a specific day in history 2000-10-31
time a specific time of day, that recurs every day 14:30:00.000, 09:30:00.000-05:00

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