An example document to query

Most of the examples in this talk query this bibliography document at the (fictional) URL

  <book year="1994">
    <title>TCP/IP Illustrated</title>
    <price> 65.95</price>

  <book year="1992">
    <title>Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment</title>

  <book year="2000">
    <title>Data on the Web</title>
    <publisher>Morgan Kaufmann Publishers</publisher>
    <price> 39.95</price>

  <book year="1999">
    <title>The Economics of Technology and Content for Digital TV</title>
      <publisher>Kluwer Academic Publishers</publisher>


Adapted from Mary Fernandez, Jerome Simeon, and Phil Wadler: XML Query Languages: Experiences and Exemplars, 1999, as adapted in XML Query Use Cases

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