The ProcessingInstruction Class

package org.jdom;

public class ProcessingInstruction implements Serializable, Cloneable {

    protected String target;
    protected String rawData;
    protected Map    mapData;

    protected ProcessingInstruction() {}
    public    ProcessingInstruction(String target, Map data) {}
    public    ProcessingInstruction(String target, String data) {}
    public String                getTarget() {}
    public String                getData() {}
    public ProcessingInstruction setData(String data) {}
    public ProcessingInstruction setData(Map data) {}
    public String                getValue(String name) {}
    public ProcessingInstruction setValue(String name, String value) {}
    public boolean               removeValue(String name) {}

    public final String toString() {}
    public final String getSerializedForm() {} // will be removed
    public final boolean equals(Object ob) {}
    public final int hashCode() {}
    public final Object clone() {}

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Copyright 2000 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified June 20, 2000