Descriptions of the Remote Resource

A link element may contain optional xlink:role and xlink:title attributes that describe the remote resource, that is, the document or other resource to which the link points. For example:

 xlink:title="Elliotte Rusty Harold's personal home page" 
 xlink:role="information about the author of this book">
   Elliotte Rusty Harold

As with all other attributes, the xlink:title and xlink:role attributes should be declared in the DTD for all the elements to which they belong. For example, this is a reasonable declaration for the above AUTHOR element:

  xmlns:xlink CDATA #FIXED ""
  xlink:type  CDATA #FIXED "simple"
  xlink:href  CDATA #REQUIRED
  xlink:title CDATA #IMPLIED
  xlink:role  CDATA #IMPLIED

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