Generic database grammar

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerLastName">Anderson</Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerFirstName">Beth</Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerMiddleName"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerURL"></Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerEmail"></Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerVoice"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerFax"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerStreet"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerSuite"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerState"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerCity"/>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerCountry"/> 
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerZip"/>
    <Field type="BLOB" name="ComposerBio">
            A composer of neo-romantic music,
            text-sound works and musical theater events. University of
            California, Mills College (MFA, MA).  Recorded by
            North/South Consonance, Opus One, 1750 Arch, and Newport
            Classics.  Taught: Greenwich House Music School, NYU,
            College of New Rochelle. References: &quot;New Grove
            Directory of American Music&quot;, &quot;The Pandora Guide
            to Women Composers&quot;, St. James Press&apos;
            &quot;Contemporary Composers.&quot;</Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerLastName">Austin</Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerFirstName">Dorothea</Field>
    <Field type="CHAR" name="ComposerMiddleName"/>
    <Field type="BLOB" name="ComposerBio">
            Professor at Queensborough
            Community College; Degrees: Performance, Teaching, Royal
            College, Royal Academy of Music, London; M.A. Composition,
            Queens College, NYC; Studied with Leo Kraft, George Perle;
            Style: 20th Century Lyricism, Cell Manipulation, Motivic
            Interplay; Performed: Carnegie, Merkin Hall, University
            Concert Series, television.

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